Collecting Vintage Pocket Knives

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Collecting Vintage pocket knives is a popular hobby, and even a strong passion among many individuals. These people look to obtain many individual pieces and combine them to create a large amount of unique, valuable, knives that can be displayed and properly protected. As time progresses, these knives actually grow in popularity, rarity, and value. If you are reading this, you are either an avid collector looking to expound your knowledge on the collection of Vintage pocket knives, or you are an individual who is looking to break into the business. Here, you will be introduced to the overall concept of knife collecting, as well as some important facts that you can use while engaging in this popular activity.

Nice Vintage Ford Medley Sheffield England Bone Handle 2 Blade Pocket Knife

Ends: Dec 18 2014 22:38:49

Two Vintage Pocket Knives

Ends: Jan 16 2015 16:06:46


Ends: Dec 18 2014 23:44:58


Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:05:43

Vintage & Modern Lot of 5 Pocket Knives

Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:08:03

Boker Plus 3 3/4" TRAPPER Pocket Knife Vintage Blue Handles BO294BL zix

Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:13:37

Antique Vintage 2 Blade Pocket Knife: stainless steel, decorative Wood handle

Ends: Dec 25 2014 09:00:19


Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:20:24

Lot 4 small vintage pocket knives-Japan, Molster's, unreadable, unmarked-cute!

Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:22:00

Vintage Parker Cut Co. Eagle Brand Cutlery Pocket Knife, Surgical Steel Blade

Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:22:52

Vintage Camillus 179 Gauge Stainless Steel Pocket Folding Knife 3 Blades

Ends: Dec 19 2014 00:38:18

Vintage Art Deco Goldtone Krementz 2 Blade Gentleman Pocket Knife Nail Pick File

Ends: Jan 17 2015 17:37:19

If you elect to go into the hobby of collecting Vintage pocket knives, it is extremely important to know the many different types of knives that are available. It is also important that you know and understand how to identify a counterfeit from the real thing. Many individuals spend years simply uncovering the methods behind this process. It is important to ensure that you take as long as necessary. If you fail to recognize the difference between a product that is real and fake, you could find yourself losing a lot of money, and time. There is nothing worse than investing a lot of money into an Vintage pocket knife that you feel is the “real deal” only to discover that the piece is a counterfeit!

There are many different types of pocket knifes available for your investment. These knives have an extensive history that includes numerous styles, lengths, designs, and more. When evaluating these knives, you should pay close attention to the details that are displayed. This includes the blade, the overall design, the encasing, and even the grip. All of these components can play an important role when it comes to determining the overall value of the product. If you do not know how to evaluate these components of the Vintage pocket knives that you elect to consider investing in, it is very likely that you will find that you have a difficult time in deciding between a sound investment and a lousy investment.

You can discover Vintage pocket knives at many different places. One of the most popular places to discover products of high value are knife shows. There are many benefits to shopping at these types of events. First, you can rest assured that you are investing in a sound product. Second, you can enjoy a large assortment of Vintage pocket knives all at once. Third, the individuals that host these shows are well-versed and educated when it comes to the products that you are interested in. If nothing else, attending a knife show can be a highly educational experience.

You can also locate Vintage pocket knives at local flea markets, yard sales, and similar events that may occur in your local community. Many individuals elect to place these types of knives up for auctions in the community, as well as online auctions, such as eBay and similar websites. If you are looking to break into the business, or simply want to see what kinds of products are on the market, and the value of the knives, all of these areas are great when it comes to research. Collecting Vintage pocket knives can be a wonderful and exciting experience. All it takes is a little know why and a few resources and you can be on your way to an excellent career in knife collecting!

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